Our company has three corporate cultures which predominant the operation, each culture brings different sets of values and tendencies and has its own unique impact on our company’s success.

The Canadian business culture provides us with structure, order and North American standards, whereas the Israeli Culture contributes innovation, versatility and creativity. The Vietnamese culture brings drive, tenacity, unity and discipline. We all learn and nurture from each other and together we manage to build a powerful operation that helps many western companies to succeed.  

why vietnamese's techies ?

because they tend to be:

Disciplined when its require

Hard workers

Solution Driven


Easy to adapt to new technologies

Think out of the box

we understand your needs

if we were you we would be looking for:

friendly working environment

Fluent communication

Requirement being followed

Requirement being followed

Time zone

Requirement being followed


Good Retention plan

Minimum cultural barrier

Replacement guaranteed/ Stability

how does it work?